April 29th Closing Night Party!

6 pm - Gallery opens. Reception with food and drinks.

7 pm - Performance by Jason Wyman from The #WhereDoYouBelong Project and poetry reading by Marina Lazzara.

8 pm - Music

ATA along with Statton and Wilson will host a closing night party at ATA, featuring music, food, dancing, and community. Jean Jeanie, from the band Future Twin, will be preforming a solo set followed by a set from Sin Nombre.

Check out the gallery exhibit featuring photographs with Home signs over the past 15 years! Home signs in windows of the Mission District. Home signs in protests. And of coarse... new signs... new languages... new flowers!

Great way to start the morning by making up toiletry bags with Twitter's #Fridayforgood employees at The Gubbio Project. Followed by a wonderful discussion about the systemic problems that cause homelessness and what we can do on an individual level to ease the suffering. Thank you to Laura Slatery, Megan Wilson, Valerie, and Kelley Cutler from the Coalition on Homelessness for leading the discussion with such thoughtful words. And as a sign of neighborhood support, Twitter employees bought two "Home" signs!

Wonderful night at ATA on October 30th. Very informative and powerful words from Rob Gitin, Jennifer Friedenbach, and Laura Slatery about the amazing work they do everyday. Meeting people where they are at to help them up when they are ready, and making life a little bit more easy and dignified until then. Thank you to everyone who participated by joining us at ATA!

Due to the final game of the World Series, tomorrow's Better Homes and Gardens Today event will be changed. Instead of having a formal event, Megan and Christopher will be painting "Home' signs at night in ATA. The final game of the World Series will be on the radio. Stop on by. Buy a sign. Root for the Giants! Thursday's event will be held as schedule.

ATA (Artists' Television Access)

992 Valencia Street San Francisco, CA 94110
7pm - 9pm

On October 29th and 30th Statton and Wilson will host free evening events at ATA. The evenings will include presentations by the participating organizations and a facilitated discussion to learn about:

1.  The realities of being homeless;

2.  What the culture and climate of homelessness is like in San Francisco; and

3.  What is truly needed to address this crisis - funding and policy change.

The events are free and open to the public.

As part of the project Statton and Wilson have been introduced to and reached out to some of the Bay Area's tech corporations and their employees, including TwitterFacebook, ZendeskYammerGoogle, Google VenturesDropbox, and Salesforce  to invite them to attend the project's events.  The invitation was extended to these corporations, who are relatively new to the area, to provide them with the opportunity to learn about, contribute to, and support a community that is in great need and that they are now working/living among and having a significant impact on.